The True Diva (So DivaLicious,...I am) (thediva) wrote,
The True Diva (So DivaLicious,...I am)


We had a little BBQ yesterday at the crib. It was the 4 of us, Greg's momma, Autumn and Ronnie. We had the grill cookn and loads of food. Drinks? Oh yeah! I am not much of a drinker but we had mango margaritas, some rum, vodka and a little hypnotic. The kids wanted to drink so we crushed popsicles and put it in the glasses for them. We didn't drink much but we were sure feeling what we had! Of course there is a whole fridge fool of leftovers.

Today I am just exhausted. The house beside us had a cook out as well and we were all getting down. Of course once we all decided to hit the bed the other house was still parting. I could NOT sleep! After about 2am it may be time to cut the music down.

::note to self:: don't allow anyone, on the big trampoline, when alchol is in system! ::
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